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Clinical and Experimental Homeopathy is a newly launched peer-review e-journal publishing three times in a year. Each issue is loaded with quality research papers from scientists and case records from renowned homeopaths from all over the world.

  • Clinical and Experimental Homeopathy is a user friendly site with increasing number of subscribers.

  • Due to its quality papers appearing in each issue, we are recording large increase in the number of readers day by day covering the world.

  • Articles published in Clinical and Experimental Homeopathy are interests of scientists, researchers, doctors, students and patients.

  • Because of having an editorial board with so many stalwarts of Homeopathy of international repute, we receive articles for consideration for publication in Clinical and Experimental Homeopathy from most of the countries.

  • We encourage all concerns and business houses to promote their products/site with our site through web marketing which will face globally.

  • Please write to us at info@sukulhomeopathy.com and send your product details to be advertised.

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Prof Nirmal C Sukul PhD India
Dr Anirban Sukul PhD India
Editorial Board
Dr German Guajardo MD Mexico
Prof Cloe Taddei-Ferretti PhD Italy
Prof Anisur R Khuda-Bukhsh PhD India
Prof P. Christian Endler PhD Austria
Prof Iris Bell MD PhD USA
Dr Menachem Oberbaum MD Israel
Prof Flavio Dantas MD PhD Brazil
Prof Jyoti P Haldar PhD India
Prof Alexandra Delinick MD Greece
Dr Jan Scholten The Netherlands
Prof Arun K Ray PhD India
Dr Giovanna Silvestri MD Italy
Dr Philip Bailey MD Denmark
Dr Rathin Chakravarty MD India
Dr Natalia P Kurzina PhD Russia
Dr Soma Sukul PhD India
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