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Homeopathy is a unique therapeutic system introduced by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann about a couple of centuries back. The uniqueness lies in its use of highly diluted drugs, called potencies, which very often cross the Avogadro’s number and consequently, do not contain any drug molecules. But the paradox is that the higher is the potency the stronger is its effect. Deciphering the physical basis of potencies and their mechanism of action offer a great challenge to scientists.
Scientific research in homeopathy is gaining momentum and there is a multidisciplinary approach to unravel the mysteries of biological effects of zero molecules. This peer-review journal would disseminate knowledge, gained through research in the basic and clinical aspects of homeopathy among homeopathic professionals and students. This would go a long way in helping people understand the current views about the physical basis of potencies, their mechanism of action in the biological system and their potential in ameliorating diseases of man, his domestic animals and crops.
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